There may be some sensation as the needles are inserted. sensations may be described as: achy, tingly, heavy, or electric. However most don’t describe it as painful. Needles are very thin. Let your acupuncturist know if pain is sustained and unusual.


Risks are low when done by a licensed practitioner. All of our needles are disposable, unbreakable, and clean. We take patient safety seriously.


Not much, besides you should not be hungry or exhausted.


You should be able to go about your day normally. Drink plenty of water and rest. You may have some pain from needling, but it should disappear soon.


5 to 6 visits for acute conditions, 8 to 12 visits for chronic conditions.


Yes, please see link for specific insurance. Also call your insurance provider to understand your coverage.


No, please call or use booking link to schedule an appointment