Meet Haley Barrigar

Haley is honored and excited to be working alongside Dr. Li at Lotus Acupuncture and Fertility Clinic. Haley is passionate about eastern medicine and the powerful wisdom she has learned from it.Her interests are in treating a variety of women’s health disorders, more specifically endometriosis and infertility, musculoskeletal pain, emotional disorders, PTSD, stress management, and autoimmune disorders. Haley sees health as a journey, internally and externally, and enjoys collaborating with her patients to provide an individualized plan of care that empowers and assists them on it. She possesses a strong ability to listen to and intuit her client’s needs based on her years of experience as a nurse and her own journey back to health.

Haley graduated from SUNY Canton nursing school in 2006 and currently practices as an emergency room nurse. In 2017, she decided to make a shift after a profound healing experience through acupuncture and began pursuing a career in traditional Chinese medicine. She brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom of patient care and disease management from her experience as a nurse. She moved from San Francisco to Portland for her studies and received her master’s in Chinese medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where she met Dr. Zhenbo Li. She continued to work the front lines as a ER nurse while doing the accelerated masters’ program and throughout the pandemic. Dr. Zhenbo Li invited her to come work with her at her clinic while having her as her student at the OCOM clinic during her rotations. 

During her off time she enjoys cooking healthy meals, Qigong, mediation, dance, surfing, and backpacking.